IV Dosage and Rate Calculator

 The ‘IV Medication Dosage and Rate Calculators’ App is a quick and simple reference tool for Critical Care Nurses, CRNAs, NPs, PAs, and Physicians to calculate IV Medication Dosages and Rates. This all-purpose app will calculate critical care medications like Dopamine, Lidocaine and Heparin to anesthesia medications like Propofol, Vecuronium, and Precedex. It will calculate your IV single doses and infusion rates including weight-based medications. It will calculate IV rates in ml/hr and gtts/min. This straightforward app is operated easily from your devise without the need for wifi.

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IV Dosage Calculators:

Below are listed all formulas which are located in IV Dosage section:

  • IV Medication Single Dose
  • IV Medication Infuse Rate
  • IV Medication Dosage Rate

IV Rates Calculators

Below are listed all formulas which are located in IV Rates Section:

  • IV Rate (ml / hr)
  • IV Rate (gtts / min)

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